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The kingdom of Falmorra and the sovereign state of Durazaar have been at war for over half a century. Both sides have laid claim to a well of ancient power within Mount Henorah, where Falmorra is built upon. Called the Tears of the Dragon, the Durazaarians have waged war on the Falmorrans, seeking their birthright. The Falmorrans fought back and won, taking a royal child of the Durazaarians who holds the key to the Tears of the Dragon.

So the Falmorrans celebrated their victory, having razed the lands of their nemesis and returning to their home.

The Durazaarians then launched a mass invasion, killing much of the Famorran royalty and subjugating the survivors. Boastful of their sudden victory, the Durazaarians have ruled over Falmorra for a month now. Chaos and turmoil runs through the golden streets of the once-elven city.

Cue our three adventurers: Mhurren the barbarian, Caisys the cleric, and Lucian the rogue. Unfortunate enough to find themselves in the midst of a street brawl during a civil demonstration gone wrong, the three awake in the jail cells underneath the streets. However, their display of strength and battle prowess draws the attention of Durazaarian commander Khrivar Ashtongue. Ashtongue, a haughty and powerful half-dragon elite of the Durazaar, enlists them in a mission; retrieve the Gatekeeper, the young Durazaar heir, from the Cruel Ruins across the seas to unlock the Durazaarian birthright. Their reward — freedom, power, and the very treasures that their hearts shall desire.

But as the three embark on their journey as newly-made mercenaries, they soon discover that the dangers they face hide a darker truth behind the warring and politics that wage on the surface…

Home Page

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